Flight and Delivery
Flight and Delivery posted on 16th Aug 2019, 9:00 AM.
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skorpen 16th Aug 2019, 9:00 AM edit delete
If the last panel makes no sense, maybe take a peek back at this page.
If it still doesn't make sense, just enjoy the weird ride. That's what I do...


thing 1 16th Aug 2019, 10:03 AM edit delete reply
nice to see you're back.

chris-tar 16th Aug 2019, 10:29 AM edit delete reply
This comic should be made into a movie just for the visuals!
thing 1 16th Aug 2019, 3:28 PM edit delete reply
it was! sort of, partially. "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" directed by Terry Gilliam, 1988.

when the Baron (played by John Neville) goes to the moon looking for his old compatriots, it looks just like this comic!
skorpen 16th Aug 2019, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
You guys are cool.
I get a particular off-kilter vibe from early modern artwork, that I'm trying to bring to life here.
I could pitch it to Netflix as Baron Munchausen meets Fantastic Planet..??
chris-tar 16th Aug 2019, 7:46 PM edit delete reply
Just make sure you hire me as a helper artist when you get the contract from Netflix or Cartoon Network etc. I want to be famous plus make enough extra money to buy a pizza once a week, and I mean a large stuffed crust with supreme toppings.
thing 1 16th Aug 2019, 8:54 PM edit delete reply
go for it!

I'd watch the heck out of a show like that!